sticker scans

i was always one to never use a sticker sheet because i thought it was too good to use...then one day i panicked as i realized i will be gone from this earth many years from now and all these stickers would be unused...unloved! so i decided to scan them and save them here so i can always look back and treasure when they were whole :3

.・゜゜・hello kitty goods・゜゜・.

i believe this sticker sheet is from the hello kitty goods collection magazines, the hello kitty phone and t.v are the craziest like it seems you can even put a cover over the screen of the t.v when it's not in use so it blends in into your room.

.・゜゜・pocket muu muu sticker sheet ・゜゜・.

its yellowed over time i believe ^_^ or was it always this yellow? 0_o

.・゜゜・small creatures・゜゜・.

from a childrens informational bookelet i purchased at daiso, i love hamsters soo much, pretty much the only reason why i bought it.

.・゜゜・unbranded sticker sheet ・゜゜・.

might be kamio? anyways i love the little pink bears, cherries & apples!

.・゜゜・sweet minichan sticker sheet ・゜゜・.

the cutest bunny in the whole wide world :3!

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